Welcome to Family Age - unique farm game in primal setting! Help your family to survive and settle in a primal world full of danger! Family Age is a game intended for mobile devices.
Go on an epic adventure with your characters on a mysterious island. Build a new home, collect resources, tame wild animals and move into depth of island secrets! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the prehistoric world!
Perhaps you are not the only people who lives on the island! Who knows what can happen next? So be ready for adventures!

Family Age

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Game developer
"Ram Globo", 51A Klary Cetkin street, Minsk, Belarus
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Enjoy amazing graphics and animation of the game!
Play for four charismatic characters at the same time!
Build a new home, upgrade buildings, make your own farm, produce items that will help you survive!
Get ingredients, learn recipes to find out what the primal people eat!
Improve your own farm! Collecting hay, grow fields and see what will grow up!

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Tame wild animals, so that they bring useful and valuable resources for your farm!
Fascinating interactive dialogs influence your game process!
iOS, Android
If you have specific requests, please do contact us at
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+375 33 331-20-88
"Ram Globo", 51A Klary Cetkin street,
Minsk, Belarus
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